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Introducing a fresh, effective approach to pain and stress management!

The fascia is the primary pain sensory organ because it houses the nerves; so tight fascia means PAIN and discomfort. 


Jani specializes in remedial,  myofascial release therapy - specializing in abdominal to address specific health concerns

- incorporating Traditional Chinese and Taoist Medicine solutions that are gentle, effective and non-pharmaceutical.





Detox Massage




Prenatal &

Postpartum Massage




Stress &

Anxiety Release





Release Therapy



Jani Quirinale, CMT

Jani relocated the Abdominal Detox Center from the south bay, settling into beautiful Carmel Valley and opening her business there in 2021.

Jani's background is in Traditional Chinese and Taoist Medicine bodywork.  She uses specific pressure points to balance the "Qi" (energetic) field of the body to relieve physical and emotional stress and pain.

Online scheduling is available 24/7 for your convenience.

Abdominal Detox Center guides the body’s innert healing mechanisms to release tension and improve vital nerve function from head to toe – through your gut.


Your therapist helps the body ‘reboot’ - balancing hormones, calming the central nervous system and releasing tension from the body's connective tissue (fascial) network.


Energizing the fascia and organs will ‘cue’ self-regulation; bringing the entire body back into balance, releasing pain and stress.

Abdominal detox supports postpartum recovery by working with the viscera, the largest complex of fascia in the body. Here, fascia release works to balance hormonal fluctuations triggered after delivery and reduce stress of nursing a newborn with very little sleep. Eases the kinks, aches and pains of birth and restores hips, pelvis, viscera and most importantly, emotional balance. Three or more sessions can make a world of difference in stimulating recovery.

Imagine being wrapped in a thin layer of webbing that shrinks the more stressful life becomes - limiting nerve, organ, muscle and joint function to varying degrees – even compromising skeletal alignment! This webbing is connective tissue called Fascia and can inhibit our mobility and create pain if not properly maintained. Have you experienced physical manifestations this shrinkage creates in your body’s myofascial network already?

  • nerve, muscle or joint pain

  • emotional imbalance

  • fibroids

  • bloating, inflammation

  • stiffness, discomfort & "tight" areas

  • constipation, digestion issues

Thickening fascial tissues (scar tissue) can create areas of greater tension, inflammation, pain and limitation that in turn pull on surrounding tissues.

Stress and anxiety triggers the contraction of the connective tissue - commonly called “fascia” - in the body, which wraps around every bone, muscle, organ and encapsulates the nervous system.   Thickening of fascial tissues in the body creates areas of greater tension and limitation that, in turn, pull on surrounding tissues. Scar tissue once created, may thicken, spread and create pain.   Imagine, over time, being wrapped in a thin layer of plastic that shrinks, the more stressful life becomes. This contraction can compromise the skeletal alignment, tighten around the organs, constricting blood flow and limiting organ, muscular, ligament and joint function to varying degrees. Stress and anxiety can trigger a variety of common ailments such as: nervous stomach, intestinal upset, constipation, sleeplessness, shallow breathing, irritability, depression  and unexplainable pains from head to toe.

I had a massage involving myofascial release, acupressure, and (I believe) Chi Nei Tsang. My practitioner Jani targeted my achy shoulder two-years-running that occasionally fires pins and needles into my forearm and into my fingers, and my shoulder hasn't felt this relaxed in years! I immediately booked another and purchased a package for my wife and I to share, as we're certainly coming back soon and often

Torrey W.
Husband of Pre-Natal / Post-Partum Client

Praise & Reviews

“Amazing, just absolutely amazing!” Is what I say to Jani as we finish up.

I so trust Jani's strong healing hands. Her deep bodywork touches more than just the physical body; for me, it’s emotionally and soulfully releasing too.  Our work together is as a team; while guiding her with my feedback, she leads with confident expertise.  She teaches as she goes; I’m learning so much from her! Her genuine, caring intent and being of service to lend healing is palpable.  The healing environment she’s created is both calming and lovely.  Jani’s a precision/polished professional; immaculate, on time, businesslike. She’s profoundly kind and giving while grounded, and passionate about her practice.

I’m extremely appreciative to have her in my life; she’s a treasure.  The best!




The experience itself was amazing and I left feeling recharged but the even better part was the effects were longer lasting and I felt nice and loose for a week or so after. 

I can not wait to go back! New moms you NEED to do this!

Hilary M. 
Pre-Natal, Post-Partum Client

Clinic Hours

10am - 6pm

Wednesday - Friday

Carmel Valley Village

"The mind will use muscles and organs of the body as an outlet for pent up emotions"

Wilhelm Reich

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