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Abdominal Detox Massage

Chi Nei Tsang

This type of massage induces global body healing through the abdomen; helping to move and loosen pockets of waste, gas and colon plaque, boosting a sluggish digestive system. It also helps reboot the bodies own healing mechanism, balance hormones and calm the central nervous system by relaxing the body's myofascial network.  Energize the fascia and the organs will start to self-regulate, bringing the entire body back into balance.


Benefits include:

  • Stimulate lymph and blood circulation

  • Improve elimination; relieves      constipation, bloating and pain

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Ease back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Help correct postural problems

  • Balance emotions

  • Release stress, anxiety and tension

  • Restore vitality, clarity and focus

Image by Jannes Jacobs
Abdominal Detox Massage: Treatments
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