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"I had a 90 min massage with Jani Arguello and it was the best I have ever had! I had many many massages while I was pregnant and after else where but this was a game changer. It was a mix of what you would expect during a regular massage but she incorporated stretching that released ALL of the tension in my neck and shoulders built up during pregnancy, Labor, caring for and feeding twins. She massaged and released tension in my forearms and hands that I didn't even realize I had. She massaged my c section scar an area that has always been a little swollen and the next day I realized that whole area was no longer swollen but nice and flat. 

The experience itself was amazing and I left feeling recharged but the even better part was the effects were longer lasting and I felt nice and loose for a week or so after. 

I can not wait to go back! New moms you NEED to do this!"

Hilary M. 
Pre-Natal, Post-Partum client

"Jani gets in there and works out even the most stubborn kinks with a Chinese Medicine approach which also involves a lot of breath release. Her labor ready massage was amazing and her abdominal massage made my belly and baby so comfortable and ready for the birth.  In fact, I went into labor about 12-hours later! (They will only perform labor ready massage from 38-weeks onward as it does involve pressure points and stretches that can trigger contractions). I've also seen Jani for postnatal massage and her skills were equally well-applied to my post baby, breastfeeding body, amazing!"


Meredith N.
Pre-Natal, Post-Partum client

"Jani Arguello was really able to get the tight, sore areas of my body towards the end of my pregnancy. Also during our sessions, I was able to really work on breathing techniques to help my body relax and really get the most out of the massage.  This breathing I used during delivery to help me focus on my body and relax so that my son could descend into position as well as helping me to concentrate when pushing him out.  This breathing I've also been able to use in daily life when things get a little stressful--helps me to recenter and relax.

I've also enjoyed the postpartum massage with Jani (Jessica) as well and plan to go again."

Ashley R.

Yelp Review

"I've been going to Harmony since I was pregnant--my son is now two. Jani is fantastic!  I've enjoyed 90 minute prenatal and postnatal healing massages and then the head-to-toe and abdominal detox massages.  I feel so relaxed during the massages and appreciate that Jani is so skilled at helping work out all the knots and tight spots that build up during the craziness of life!  

I feel truly amazing afterwards and love that I'm taking care of myself so that I can take great care of my family".


Ashley R.

Pre-Natal / Post-Partum client

Post-Partum: Testimonials
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