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Stress & Anxiety Massage

Therapeutic Massage vs. Abdominal

Stress & Anxiety Massage

Natural Ways to Manage Stress & Anxiety

There are different types of Therapeutic Massage, among them neuromuscular, myofascial, trigger point and sports therapies. All are offered - in one place - at the Abdominal Detox Center.

Our most requested, most specialized offering is Abdominal Stress & Anxiety Massage, targeting the release of whole-body tension through the gut. Breathwork re-training is incorporated into each session; truly allowing clients to experience relaxation even more deeply. Feeling peaceful and happy can change your whole life!

This especially valuable for the recovery of Postpartum Moms

​The anxiety-reducing benefits of an abdominal massage balances and calms the brain’s stress signaling to the autonomic nervous system as well as the connective tissues throughout the entire body.

A variety of benefits of this work have been reported and include relief of: nervous stomach, intestinal upset, bloating, constipation, sleeplessness, shallow breathing, irritability, feelings of overwhelm, depression (including postpartum) and unexplainable pains from head to toe.  For more information, visit our testimonials page.

If you’ve been dealing with stress and anxiety for some time and/or are recovering from childbirth, book your appointment today to change the way you feel!   

This massage is not appropriate for pregnancy (we offer a special, pain relieving modality just for expecting Moms)!  For more information, visit our testimonials page.

All new clients will receive a 15% discount with our FIRSTTIME15 coupon code which can be redeemed after creating your membership account.  


Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing – Easy, deep, even inhales and complete exhales


Visualization - See yourself in a calming serene environment for several minutes


Self-Care Strategies such as gentle exercising and stretching


 Get Regular Abdominal Stress & Anxiety Massages - resolve the problem and reduce the symptoms

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