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Myofascial Accupressure Massage


"Thank you so much for the help you gave (my mother) her.  I think that it was truly the beginning of her being able to start grieving the loss of my dad.  She has started to see that she can work through her emotions. Most of all she seems to be moving through the anger phase and being softer with her comments and feeling of "being abandoned" by my dad. She is beginning to see that she can move forward on her own."

T. L.

"Hi, Jani!  I must tell you the massage you gave me this afternoon is the best I've ever had in my entire life.  No kidding. I am floating.  And no pain.  You are my best friend forever.  Bless you..."


Kent P.

80 years young

"I have had a bulging disk in my L4/L5 (Lumbar) for more than 20 years. Jani (Jessica) asked if she could perform acupressure on me to see if it could help. After 10-15 minutes with what looked like a crochet needle massaging a small place on the back of my right hand, the pain in my back was gone, completely gone. I have tried inversion table, zero gravity chairs, massage, drugs and other remedies have not worked as well as this. Rather than use drugs or other methods I will use Jani's method of pain relief."

Dwight Burchak

Principal Solutions Architect Consultant 

"After a couple of massages from Jani I noticed improved mobility and decreased pain with my legs.  Jani asks the right questions and provides the appropriate massage base on my answers.  Jani is very professional, punctual, and based on her results with my treatments I believe she is very skilled in providing therapeutic massages.  Furthermore, Jani has opened my mind to hand acupressure to alleviate back and leg pain.  I’m now a believer in therapeutic massage and acupressure."


Mike N.
Q/A Engineer

"As an athlete and coach, I spend long hours on the tennis court.  The body breaks down through repetitive use, limited time to stretch and strengthen as the weeks go by.  Since meeting Jani (Jessica) and her unique use of Traditional Chinese Massage my body has been able to recover, feel stronger and eliminate many aches and pains.  I look forward to my weekly sessions with Jani.  She has helped me to maintain the high standard of performance excellence necessary for me as a player and coach."

Ken DeHart
Director, Tennis, AVAC

TuiNa Acupressure Massage: Testimonials
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